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The perfect pet house: Here's what to consider

by The Waldren Team 06/26/2024

The Waldren Team excels at finding the right house for humans, but what of those wonderful little hiding spots in the home for our furry friends? While we can work to find you a human home that would work perfectly for pets, pet houses fall under a different specialty. Check out this article to understand the basics for setting up a pet house within your home. 

Even for animals that live indoors, it’s important for them to have a pet house all to themselves. Common pets like dogs and cats love having a space where they can feel cozy and secure. But how do you choose the right house for your furry friend?

No matter what type of pet house you’re in the market for, here are some of the key factors to consider in your search:

Choosing a dog house

The first factor in picking a dog house is size. While dogs don’t need spacious private spaces, they do need enough room to comfortably stand up and turn around. Whether you have a large dog, a little dog or something in between, consider taking accurate measurements before you begin your search.

If you plan to keep a dog house outside, make sure it has proper insulation and a weatherproof exterior. Indoor dog houses allow more freedom for materials and sizes, but consider ease of cleaning and maintenance - especially on the inside.

Choosing a cat house

Cat houses come with many of the same features and considerations as dog houses. If your cat lives at least partially outdoors, choose a shelter that provides warmth and safety from the elements. If your cat is indoor-only, simply find what works best for your space.

Some cats prefer solid structures - just think of beloved cardboard boxes. Others might want a soft, flexible surface to curl up in. While cats can be picky, placing a house in a quiet corner will help them acclimate and satisfy their territorial instincts.

Small animal houses

If you have smaller animals like rodents or reptiles, you’ll want to have a house included in their enclosure. Guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets all love the classic igloo-shaped plastic houses to get cozy in. Other critters like sugar gliders and chinchillas may prefer soft sanctuaries. 

These are just a few things to consider when choosing the best house for your pet. Like humans, pets can have varying preferences when it comes to their homes. If you’re unsure about what pet house is right for your particular animal, consult your vet or local pet supply store for suggestions.

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